It’s been a nice month off between leaving my last job and starting bootcamp at the Iron Yard, but I’m super happy to be back in a routine, productive and learning every day.


Eating breakfast, bringing lunch, and biking

I feel healthier than I have in a while, did a lot of beer drinking and boredom eating during my month off.

Making progress and working till I can’t anymore

The days are long, but they go by super quickly because I’m so into what I’m doing.


Being unable to see on the first & second day

I’ve been showing up early the last couple days though, which has been good not only for getting in front row, but also just finishing things up with a fresh mind, and being ready to go when instruction starts

Biking home

When I bike home at night, I just feel super unsafe. Biking on South Congress the whole way is terrifying during rush hour because it’s downhill and traffic moves super fast.

Coolest thing I’ve learned:

Most of this week has been a review, but I feel like I have a much better understanding of the Box Model, CSS selectors, and also my own ability to problem solve by clearing my head, asking myself “what am I trying to do” and solving the problem with the info I already know.

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