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UI / UX Designer in Boulder, CO

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amalie barras

UX / UI Designer in Boulder, CO


Sweet, ya found me!

I am a designer who just moved to Boulder, CO. I'm currently seeking opportunities where I can use design to create experiences that empower users to make their own discoveries. I love data because it helps us to understand the world around around us better. And the more we understand about the world, the more we can make better.

I most recently worked at the City of Austin, in a fellowship program introducing agile methodologies and user-centered design and development into city government. Before that, I worked as an analyst at EA Games, where I designed and built data dashboards for stakeholders working on As an analyst working on dashboards, I felt natural and empowered discovering the iterative process of deeply understanding user needs, creating prototypes, testing how data were being interpreted, and understanding how users would make decisions based on this data. After a while, I decided I wanted to take my design skills to the next level and completed a program at the Iron Yard, where I expanded my knowledge in Design Theory, and grew my skills coding in HTML, CSS, and a little JavaScript.

In Austin I spent a lot of my free time learning new stuff with great folks at meetups, including serving on the leadership team for our local Code for America brigade, Open Austin. I am excited to plug in and learn more about the tech scene here, so drop me a line if you have a meetup to recommend!

When I’m not doing tech stuff, I like to drink coffee, play yahtzee, and sing karaoke, but I also enjoy a fair amount of slacklining, climbing, yoga, and sleeping in tents.

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