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EA Help 1.5 Launch

Dashboard Design

Why this project?

This was one of my first projects for my Web Analytics role at EA, so stakes were high! I was tasked with creating a report for our leadership team, to assist with communicating the results of the help website redesign to out executives. My goal was to display this information visually, and to automate the report creation as much as possible. (And to make sure and wow my new coworkers.)

Skills and Tools Used

The Data

All of this data came from Google Analytics. I incorporated the KPIs that the team would be measured with, but also made sure to include some more meaningful, actionable metrics so that the team could see the levers that they could pull. This meant that there had to be a middle step, in order to turn the Google Analytics data into metrics. I decided to use excel charts, because I didn't have a whole lot of time to mess with the GA API, and wanted there to be as few steps as possible. This way, I could input the data, select the target, and voila.


My biggest design challenge was making the information make sense to someone who wasn't super familiar with the website. I used side-by-side juxtaposition, and used icons to remind the audience of specific elements I was referring to. I also used hierarchy to show what metrics were most important, I included KPIs at the top, and supporting metrics toward the bottom. Lastly, I was given the requirement of using a black background because that's how the rest of the analytics team (the studio reporting side) were creating their reports. It was important to stay consistent with the rest of the analytics brand because it implies trust. I used bright, contrasting colors to make sure the data stood out, and white text to ensure the highest readability.

What I Learned

I learned that applying design to data through infographics is an amazing way to engage executives with business operations. This project was very successful at starting conversations about measuring changes on the web. Skill-wise, I learned that you can create a presentation layer via excel, although as I would find out soon after this project is done, there are far better tools out there.